You have questions. wE have answers.

Here at the Taxi Now Group, we value every driver and work to protect our members at all costs. Every driver has worked hard to obtain their licence and we will always work hard to maintain the high standards that you work by.

Why Join the Taxi Now Group

Here at the Taxi Now Group we are working to unite the Taxi trade on a nationwide level. We are a group that works alongside the Taxi Now App and Taxi Now PR. We feel that all members should always be protected. We offer a 24 hour helpline for urgent and non urgent contractual legal cover, a 24 hour counselling helpline for whenever our members need it.

We offer our members a wide range of benefits and will always look to bring benefits to your membership.

What are the benefits of joining the Taxi Now Group

At the Taxi Now Group members will receive a number of fantastic benefits from day one. We offer some of the following benefits:

24 hour contractual legal helpline

Licensing assistance 

Tax advice helpline

HMRC investigation Cover

Jury Service expense cover

24 hour counselling helpline

How can a member access the benefits of the Taxi Now Group

Our members will be provided with the helpline numbers as soon as their membership commences. Our legal helpline works on a 24 hour basis, so we are always here when you need us.


Taxi Now Group are in contact with the regulators to deal with any licensing issues.


We have teamed up with a mortgage specialist to assist our members in their search


Taxi Now Group has a helpline for our members to assist with all your of your tax advice enquiries.


We offer all of our members a 24 hr counselling helpline, whenever it is needed.


Taxi Now has teamed up with Cabsurance to assist drivers and fleet owners in their search


Taxi Now Group has a helpline for our members to assist with any jury expense cover.