Taxi Now Group

Representing The Trade

Taxi now app

The Taxi-Now app allows the trade to support one trade app which is run under the co-operative where the apps future is always protected.

taxi now pr

Taxi-Now PR will be funded through a subscription and a percentage of revenue created from the Taxi-Now app and the Taxi-Now Group.

taxi now group

Taxi-Now Group will be aligned with the Taxi-Now app, Taxi-Now PR where we can protect the future of our trade with our co-operative.

A few things we're great at

At Taxi-Now we have a created one complete trade app where the drivers have a 50% share in the app. We launched in 2021 with the vision of having an app that is open to all sectors of the trade. 

We are a member of the co-operative and acknowledge that all of our drivers should be treated fairly.

At Taxi-Now, we have looked at the past mistakes that the trade have seen. We feel that the drivers and passengers should never be taken advantage of and we offer a fair service to both.

0% commission of in app payments.

Green Badge and Yellow Badge drivers on the same app.

No fixed price fares.

Cancellation fees available for unattended customers

Taxi-Now PR has been launched to work alongside the Taxi-Now app and the Taxi-Now Group so the trade can move in the same direction. We have a great option to promote our trade and demonstrate all of the benefits that we can offer.  

Our main aim is to run campaigns to the public and various sectors to promote the most famous taxi trade in the world. As Taxi-Now PR will be working with the Taxi Now Group a percentage of the profits from the Taxi-Now app will help fund Taxi-Now PR and we will also be asking the drivers and various stakeholders within the trade to donate.

We have launched the Taxi-Now Group to unite the trade and our aim is to move in the same direction, along the the app and our PR. We stand by our co-operative principle where every members vote counts. We believe in the Co-Operatives core principles

We aim to keep the high standards that you are accustomed  to and maintain our gold standard in all aspects of our trade. We aim to work on following.

A wider range of vehicles available to the taxi trade.

Full access to our transport network as a public hire licensed taxi.

The protection of the Knowledge Of London.

The positive working relationship between our trade and our regulator

The removal of any future Heathrow drop off charge



Tel: 0333 242 3110


Avoca, Chelsham Common, Warlingham, Surrey, CR6 9PB