Travelling with Taxi Now

Getting around London has never been easier with Taxi-Now. You can download the app and simply tap and go and enjoy some of the fantastic benefits that we offer our customers.

A Fair Price

At Taxi Now the passenger will only ever pay the metered fare.

Say bye to increased fares, just because it is busy.

Plan your journey

With the Taxi Now App, you can plan your journey to suit your requirements.

All journeys can be planned in advance through our app.

0% Commission for drivers

At Taxi Now we do not charge the drivers any commission, so rest assured that they will receive 100% of the fare.

Fair pricing for the passenger and driver alike.

Download the Taxi Now App and start enjoying your journey in a London black taxi. 

Taxi Now – The Black Taxi App

With Taxi-Now, we can deliver all of your transport needs. 

We can provide transport for Airport transfers, business meetings, Weddings. 

Just download our app and start riding.