Taxi Now PR Crowdfunding Campaign

Taxi Now Group are to open the Taxi Now Academy

The biggest threat to the London Taxi trade is the lack of students signing up to study the Knowledge of London, currently there are around 900 applicants, this is a significant decline on previous years and there should be around 4,000 to 5,000 students to keep a sustainable level of new taxi drivers.

If we do not have new students in our trade, we will ‘wither on the vine’ but how will that affect us ? more work less cabs in the short term yes, but as more drivers are leaving the trade because of the costs of pushing a Cab our numbers are at critical low levels with no signs of improving anytime soon.

New school old school standards.

This school will maintain the highest gold standards of the Knowledge that you and I have passed without any shortcuts or dilution of our qualifications.

How can you support your trade?

The Academy will require funding and resources like any academy, so we are reaching out to you to help protect our trade.

The funds that we raise will be used for the the running costs of the academy and to help reduce student membership costs.

We have a selection of subscriptions for our crowdfunding. 

if you are a trade stake holder and would like to donate a set amount, please email

The People Who Have To Remember 25,000 Streets | The Knowledge: The World’s Toughest Taxi Test

Promoting The Taxi Trade

The London taxi trade has so much to offer and our aim is to promote our trade on different platforms


Taxi Now Academy teaches knowledge students the process in becoming a licensed taxi driver.


Taxi Now PR works with commercial  partners to offer fantastic brand awareness.


We work with the taxi trade stake holders to raise funds for the future of the taxi trade.


Taxi Now Group represents licensed drivers of the taxi trade nationwide.

Gavin beats Dyslexia to become London Taxi Driver

Taxi Now Academy Registration


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